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Kou Nahi Awat Jagat Me Kou Ke Kaam. Nobody can help no one in this world. Aai Hai Kam Vahi Ant Bhajo Bhgwan. In the end of life, only God will open his arms for you. Bhajo Unko Jo Prhlaad Ko Ubaar Liyo. Pray him who helped Prehlaad, lakhon Astra Maro Ang Tanik Na Chhu Gayo millons of weapons could not wonded him. Giri Se Giraae Bich Angni Me Dar Dinho. He was thrown from montain, thrown into fire. Roan Nahi Mail Bhayo, Let Hari Naam. Not a single hair of his body was harmed. Mata Pita Dara sut Sakal Kutumb Dekhe. Mother, Father, Wife, Son, whole family was watching. Kohu Nahi Let Bchaye Jamdoot Son no one could stand between you and God Yamaraj. Roat Be Aas Khade Chalt Naa Jor Eko all were crying helpless, nothing could be done. Maya Sab Chhod Khadi Chale Hari Dham. Soul left the body and all other Maya which you have gathered in you life. Turat Uthaye Kaya Chita Dhar Phoonk Dinhon immidiately body was taken to cremation and burnt. Laut Ke Khabar Koi, Let Nahi Jaae. When the body ash is put in river after rituals, no body will come back to see that place. Nari To Paraai Bhayi, Dhan Ko Bataaye Linho wife is now depends on others, property and money were divided between relatives. Din Das Bite Kou, Let Nahi Naam Ko no one remembers after little times pass. Ajamil Ko Ubaro, Sun Gaj Ter Dhayo. O my God, you saved Ajamil, you save the elephent who was your devotee. Draupadi Ki Laaj Rakho, Leeni Tum Jaye Ke you Saved honor of Drupadi, You Ran to Save her barefooted. Jaise Sab Ki Hai Suni, Vaise Binda Ki Bhi Suno. As you cared for all of them, Please hear prays of Bindadeen. Jab Bhi Pukarun Prabhu, Aao Mere Kaam Ko when ever I am in Need, come and take care of Me please.

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