Super Bowl Props – National Anthem

The Super Bowl props are awesome, I remember I used to get guys wanting to put down 10 dimes on the wackiest shit. Gatorade Color, wardrobe malfunction and whatever else we had to offer, some guys were sharp others were just caught up in the Super Bowl prop betting frenzy. Let’s look at some of the entertaining props to come out.

The National Anthem prop is one that caught national attention when Billy Joel was asked about the sort of rendition he would give, fast or slow. Joel answered, “I haven’t decided, I may have a bet on that myself.”

This year the National Anthem will be sung by Christina Aguilera and thankfully she’s been singing the national anthem on a public stage since she was 11. So the line should be pretty sharp

The National Anthem betting is always popular

National Anthem Specials
Length of the National Anthem Moneyline
Over 1min and 56sec -120
Under 1min and 56sec -120
Over 1 minute 52 seconds -150
Under 1 minute 52 seconds +110

Bodog opened their line at 1m50 for a while there was a nice middle opportunity but as the line is creeping up, wait until there is another line change save yourself a few cents on the juice. Or you can trust the Bodog’s original handicap and take the value of 6 seconds on the under.

Bodog has added some finer point to the National Anthem Prop this year.

I’m not a big fan of one sides props because it usually means the right answer is the side that’s not available. No need to bet on the next two props but they are interesting none the less.

Super Bowl XLV Specials – Will Christina Aguilera wear a cowboy hat while singing the National Anthem?
Yes +300

Super Bowl XLV Specials – Will Christina Aguilera’s hair color be anything except completely blonde when she sings the National Anthem?
Yes +175

Super Bowl XLV Specials – How long will Christina Aguilera hold the note “Brave” at the end of the National Anthem?
Over 6 seconds -140
Under 6 seconds EVEN

I really like this last one, how long will she hold the note. Take the value on the Under and the even money.

Here are a couple videos of Christina Aguilera singing the National Anthem so you can decide for yourself.

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